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Jeff Webb Cheerleading

Shelby County, Tennessee native Jeff Webb Cheerleading is a successful businessman, novelist, and entrepreneur who enjoys many hobbies. The International Cheer Union, which oversees cheering worldwide and serves more than 7.5 million athletes, is his creation and acts as its president. In addition, Webb co-publishes Human Events with executive opinion editor Will Chamberlain as the senior news editor. Human Events is a news and analysis website situated in Washington, D.C.

When Varsity Brands became its parent business in 1974, Webb launched Varsity Spirit, which is still in operation today. Webb led Varsity Brands as CEO until 2018. The next year, until 2020, he served as the company's chairman. With over a million athletes now connecting with Varsity Spirit each year through its educational camps, contests, and other events, Varsity Spirit is a global leader in cheering, dance teams, and performing arts innovation. Varsity Spirit and its parent firm were parted ways by Webb so that he could concentrate on the International Cheer Union and other projects, such as Human Events.

With a bachelor's in political science and government, Webb graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He was heavily involved with the school's cheerleading squad while a student and developed into a vibrant campus leader. As a result of his engagement, he secured a job with the National Cheerleaders Association while still a college student.

By working closely with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for more than 10 years, Webb, a devoted benefactor, has helped advance knowledge of, treatment, and cure for juvenile cancers and other serious diseases. He has also contributed significantly to the Special Olympics movement, which provides year-round training and activities for challenged children and adults. Today, he serves more than five million participants worldwide in more than 170 nations.

Cheerleading is recognized as an official Olympic category thanks in part to Webb, who is also acknowledged for helping to progress and further develop the sport. He continues to be honored for having solidified the sport's global prominence and for continuing to be considered a leader in cheerleading. The best-selling book American Restoration: How to Unchain the Great Middle Class was written by Webb, a talented novelist.

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